God's best. By His grace, life is wonderful.

I know it won't be right if I keep clinging on to the pen. I choose to give it to You and see life at its best according to Your will. I'm very sure this masterpiece would be worth waiting for, Lord. ♥

Permalink My nails before they got ruined. 😅 Lavender plus Green Glitters equals this. 💜💚💅
Permalink Nail accent for the first week of February. 😁💚💅
Permalink While the sun, or the light, or the moon, or the stars, be not darkened, nor the clouds return after the rain, remember God in thy youth.

(c) @kemberleyan
Permalink My waterfall braid last night. 💁🎀😁
Permalink Finally ready for year 2014! 😅
Permalink Blue nails for Christmas! 😍💙💅
Permalink The Arceo cousins. 😊❤
Permalink Congratulations, Kuya Robert and Ate Lisa!!! I don’t have a picture with you two (except for the formal ones) Haha. Thank you for letting me be part of your entourage! 😁 May the Lord bless you! 💙🙏
Permalink I think I’ll have a heart attack. 😂💗👍
Permalink "Strength is not found in your own ability but in God’s ability to work through you!" (@pocketfuel)
Permalink I missed this view. Thank God for that short vacation. 🙏🚘🌳🌾
Permalink The Only Answer.
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